Bamboo Clothing Labels

- The antibacterial test results show that natural bamboo fiber no natural antibacterial property compared with other textile fibers. The fact that the growth of bacteria on different shapes of bamboo was nearly equal may indicate that the shape could not impact the antibacterial activity of natural bamboo fiber. This is the reason if possible, prefer to use Bamboo labels on your sport, athletic garment projects, baby, kids apparel collections.

Also, Bamboo fibers are super soft and feel silk, you will feel the softness and thin more than cotton labels.

- Bamboo Clothing Tags goes more and more popular on the market.

Bamboo more planet friendly because the Bamboo growing more fast and need 1/3 less water than cotton.

Bamboo fibers creating with crushed Bamboo woods before a natural enzyme and washing process then Bamboo fibers spun on spinning machines to do bobbin yarns for woven looms. We are processing the Bamboo fabrics for Fray Stop on the edges and prepare to high density print. Bamboo Fabric labels are natural highly durable, wash free and no ravel from edges Bamboo Clothing Labels are raising star to GO GREEN fabric labels.


Recycled organic fibers Fabric Labels

Cotton blended Hemp fabric labels

Recycled, Sustainable Organic Fibers Clothing Labels

Recycled Organic Fibers Fabric Labels
We can use recycled Cotton or recycled Hemps Fabric for creating Printed Fabric Labels.

This kind fabrics weave from recycling cotton or hemp fabrics.
Organic Fibers recycled fabrics goes to multi processes
1- Washing on high degree steam (330 F),
2- Punching and shred, creating cotton filaments,
3- Those filaments spinning again for smooth yarn preparation and those threads using again on the woven looms for producing fabrics.
The recycle fabric are unbleached, natural color (raw color)
Printed Recycled Fabric Labels can be Fray stop or fray free finishing.

Sustainable clothing tags play an essential role in fostering a more transparent and environmentally conscientious fashion industry. By choosing garments with these tags, consumers can make informed decisions that align with their values, thus driving the market towards greater sustainability.

48+ hour production rush available

Conditions and Standard production time- ships 10-18 business days after approval

Selections available from soft Bamboo Labels, muslin cotton labels, and thick/thin canvas cotton labels.

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The sustainable labels are classy, durable, and easy to sew

Standard fabric colors available black, white and natural beige.

Life-Like Photo Quality Ultra High Definition Printed Organic Fiber Labels for Clothes

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