Custom Printed Satin tags

Shinny surface, Silky feeling Garment Labels

If you have elaborate artwork, texts, or images that cannot be woven with meaningful resolution, then consider going with customized printed Satin labels.

There is a tremendous amount of creative license with color and form you can take going this route.

Furthermore, we have very low minimums of 50, so you have the freedom to experiment with your design and mix and match colors and sizes without having to commit to a large investment.

Satin Tag is extremely popular choices many of our customers make in tag selection.

The type of textile technology employed is cutting edge and so you are sure to be amazed at the quality, depth, and resolution of your artwork. If you have your own version of Picasso, send it over and we will shrink it to the size of a thumbnail in full splendor detail and color depth.

The printed art and text are fully washable and are very long lasting, fade resistant.

The custom satin labels are available in mid fold, end fold, straight cut.

Satin Labels can almost be any ground base color like red, blue, black or any custom color. We can do custom dye the satin ribbons

Also, Custom Satin Labels can be matte ground base upon request.

We can print any colors logo and texts like White, Neon, Metallic.

We can print any size as width and length.

There is no limit on dimension of tags.


These mid fold satin labels (above) are nothing short of amazing.
The pictures you see on these custom clothing labels are about half an inch squared (0.5") less than the size of your thumbnail. Go ahead, send us a DaVinci we will turn your cloth label artwork in a powerful branding statement!

The following options are available
- Recycled Satin Tags
- Eco Friendly Satin Labels
- Biodegradable Satin Tags
- 100% Silk Satin Labels

This sample is about 3 " x 3-1/2" in dimension.

A satin patch is a type of a printed fabric label that is designed to be a prominent "billboard" of your branding art to be displayed on the visible outside surface of your project.

Rush service is available.