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Printed American Cotton Labels
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raw color printed cotton labels
natural color printed cotton labels
Recycled Fabric Clothing Labels - MADE IN USA
Planet Friendly GO GREEN Eco-Labels
Bamboo Fabric Tags, Recycled Fabric Labels, Sustainable Clothing Labels
Hemp Fabric Labels, Cotton Garment Tags, Jut Burlop Fabric Tags, Soy Fabric Labels
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We are pleased to introduce a first in the textile industry: Life-like high definition printed cotton clothes
labels produced at very affordable prices. Turn any clothes label into a one-of-a-kind work of art, with
almost limitless detail, color, and gradient possibilities.  We can print ultra-high definition images onto
poly-cotton or 100% cotton, Bamboo Fabrics and Recycled Fabric. 100% Made in The USA
Your foreground logo colors available for your cotton fabric clothing labels is almost limitless.

imagination is your only limit.
Solutions for scratchy labels for clothes

Organizing your Clothing Fabric labels Information for
Major Cost Savings
Experiment with powerful branding strategies using
inexpensively experiment with various labelling
options---mix and match colors, logos, folding styles
and font. With small minimums of 50, you can afford
to try new branding strategies for your fabric
clothing labels. Do you have a photo or a painting?
Send us a digital file and we can transform a cotton
label into a unique value proposition!
twill cotton labels
  • 48+ hour production rush available (conditions and
  • Standard production time- ships 10-18
    business days after approval
  • Selections available from ultra soft  twill, flat sheet
    cotton, and thick canvas
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the US
  • The cotton label is classy, durable, and easy to sew
  • Standard cotton colors available black, white and
    natural beige.
  • Life-Like Photo Quality Ultra High Definition Printed
    Cotton Labels for Clothes
  • Layout design assistance available
Printed Natural color Cotton Labels-Midfolds
Cotton printed clothing labels are definitely the best
  • Bedding
  • Quilts and knitted items
  • Bohemian/beatnik apparel
  • Sustainable Apparel
Fray Free Cotton Tag
Fray Free Cotton Label
Fray Free Cotton Label
fray free cotton label 4 side folded
Fray Free Cotton Label
Fray Stop white Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels
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End fold cotton labels
Fray Stop, Woven edges Cotton  Tags
Fray Stop raw colors Cotton Ribbon
natural color cotton ribbons
Plain structure ground base
organic cotton ribbons
Organic Cotton Ribbon
Available with 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", and 2" widths
Bamboo Fabric Labels
Bamboo Fabric Labels
Bamboo Clothing Tags goes more and more popular on the market.
Also Bamboo more planet friendly because the Bamboo growing more fast and need 1/3 less water than cotton.
Also Bamboo Fabric are antibacterial because Bamboo plants has naturally " Bamboo kun."
Bamboo fibers creating with crushed Bamboo woods before a natural enzyme and washing process then
Bamboo fibers spun on spinning machines to do bobbin yarns for woven looms.
We are processing the Bamboo fabrics for Fray Stop on the edges and prepare to high density print. Bamboo
Fabric labels are natural  highly durable, wash free and no ravel from edges because we are processing
special  treatment backing.
Bamboo Clothing Labels are new way to GO GREEN fabric labels.
Fray Free white Thick Cotton Labels
Fray Free white Thin Cotton Labels
Printed  Cotton Labels
Are you looking BLACK Cotton Tags or Colored Cotton Labels?
Recycled Fabric Labels; if you request, we can use recycled Cotton, Hemps Fabric for creating Printed
Fabric Labels, this fabric weave from recycling cotton fabrics. There are multi processes; 1- Washing on high
degree steam ( 330 F ), 2-punching and shred, creating cotton filaments, 3-those filaments spinning again for
smooth yarn preparation and 4- those threads using again on the woven looms for producing fabrics.
The recycle fabric are unbleached, natural color ( raw color )
Printed Recycled Fabric Labels can be Fray stop or fray free finishing.
Recycle Clothing Labels
Recycled Fabric Tags
Fray Stop
Canvas Cotton Labels
Fray Free Cotton Fabric Tags
Canvas Cotton Labels
Printed Cotton Labels
Canvas, plain ground, woven edge
Made in the USA
48 hours in customer hand service available
Bamboo Clothing Labels
Bamboo Clothing Tags
100% Organic
Canvas Cotton labels
Canvas Cotton Tags
Recycle Clothing Ribbon for Labels
Recycled Fabric Ribbon for Tags
Woven Edge Ribbon
Recycled Clothing Labels
Printed Canvas Cotton Labels
 Canvas Cotton Tags
Recycled Fabric Tags
Printed Canvas Cotton and Recycled Cotton Labels
More than 6 colors Printed Cotton Labels
If you need multi color labels, contact us, we can help
Soy Bamboo
%100 Bamboo
%100 Bamboo
%50 Bamboo
%100 Soy
Soy and Bambbo labels are
super soft and fray stop.
Printed Cotton Labels
Canvas, plain ground,
woven edge
Made in the USA
48 hours in customer
hand service available
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Recycled Hemp Fabric Tags
Recycled Hemp Fabric Tags