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Want to save a LOT of money? Custom woven patches, Emblems are an excellent alternative to the
embroidered patch. First, they have a greater capacity for detail and resolution and second, they are
cheaper---50% or more. You can even choose a "laser cut" to give your woven patches a unique
shape. Prices start at
$350/1000. Give us a call at 813-966-1649 to get a free quote today!
For more information or ordering, call us at 813-966-1649
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Woven patches have richer graphic detail and greater clarity than
embroidered patches. The higher resolution makes for clean, crisp
according to tight schedules and, best of all, they cost less. We offer:
  • Logos and shapes cut exactly to order
  • Stiff backing for easy attachment
  • Sturdy for outdoor use or for high friction areas
  • More detailing than embroidered patches
  • The ability to cover the entire patch with highly defined detail for a
    very low cost
  • High-definition text, logos, and artwork
  • Precise replication of almost any kind of emblem, logo, or writing
  • A 50% savings over embroidered patches
  • A flat surface, making custom made patches easy to affix to
    garments, bags and other textile products
  • Bold graphic design
  • Custom iron on patches available for an unbeatable price
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