Faux Leather Labels, patches

Faux Leather and Faux Leather Patches can process embossing, debossing, engraved and printed.

Faux Leather labels and Faux Leather Patches also referred to as leatherette labels, vegan leather tags, artificial leather labels, synthetic leather labels, imitation leather labels.

Faux Leather Tags and Faux Leather Patches are often considered as a better cost alternative to genuine leather.

Faux Leather Labels, Faux Leather Patches can be soft, stiff finishes according to customer`s request.

self-adhesive (Peel and stick, temporary) and

Iron-on (permanent, heat activated) backing options are available.

If you have time, we can prepare a physical sample (small fee between $15.00~$19.00) and mail you before your start the order. You can be sure what you will receive.

Faux leather labels are highly versatile, and it can be polished to have a high gloss or matte finish.

We are able processing the faux leathers,

faux leather patches, vegan leather tags, vegan leathers,

Cactus leather, mycelium leather, apple leather, or cork leather

tags, labels and patches

with cold stamp, hot stamp, engrave and printing.

We can do micron size embossing details which other manufacturers won`t do!

No Minimums