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How to Decides Which Type of Clothing Label is Appropriate for your Project
There are two major types of clothing labels: Printed and woven.
Printed clothing labels are made of various types ribbons that are printed, hot cut, and

-Depending on the clothing label supplier, a shorter lead time. We can manufacture your
labels in as little as 48 hours.
-Printed Apparel labels are made in the USA

-Minimum orders are 10 pieces for rush and 50 pieces for standard delivery

-With the advances in fabric label technology, we are able to print photographs, extremely
small writing, shading and shadow, and color gradients. In other words, we have the
capability of printing Picasso on your label!  

-Highly elaborate details of you art work can be printed.

-Printed Apparel Labels are soft to the touch. This type of label is ideal for undergarments,
swimwear, and children's clothing.

-May fade over time with repeated hot washing and dryer use.
-Background printed colors need to be either pastel or white colors. We can, however print
on colored ribbon, though the artwork requirements are a bit different.

Woven clothing labels are woven with a weave based on your specification for the artwork.
A loom weaves your artwork or graphic as part of the fabric. The labels are then cut and/or

-Long lasting through repeated use, including washings and dryer use.

-Usually, a longer lead time to project completion. If a clothing designer is in a time crunch,
that is, short on time, then usually this is not the recommend choice for clothing labels. Plan
for at least 3-4 weeks from start to finish.

- Artwork/graphics limitations: All artwork, logos, and lettering have to be a clear, smooth
edged presentation. There can be no color gradients (faded transitions), shadows, or
extremely small elaborate wording.

- Woven Clothing labels are usually imported, presents logistical challenges.

Keep in mind that the loom is weaving a very small piece of textile fabric, and the  woven
design has to conform to weaving loom's patterns. So if you have an elaborate logo, it is
best to stick to printed fabric labels.
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