Those Scratchy Clothing Tags and the Soft Edge Solution

Clothes labels are like a billboard advertisement to the world establishing who you
are. However, the last thing you want is your “advertisement" to be cut off from
your clothing line because it irritates to the skin. Without costing a lot of money,
you can opt to have the edges of your garment labels finished so that your
customer will never feel their presence.

You can choose a woven edged finish for your labels for clothes. The edges are
woven with fine polyester thread, rather than simply heat cut with a hot knife. As a
result, the tags do not “grab” at skin textures. The cost is usually 35% more than
a standard hot-cut tag, but the investment may be well worth it.

Another option for controlling scratchiness is the
ultrasonic edge cut. Rather
than having an edge that is woven, high frequency vibrations cut through the
fabric. The result is that the edges of the label are microscopically sheared and
feathered, so the it's edge is manufactured super-soft. Like the woven edge, the
cost premium is 35% more over standard hot cut cutting methods.

If you are open to the printed labels clothing label option,
cotton printed
clothing labels
for clothes are very durable and soft. New technologies in textile
industry allow for ultra-high resolution photo-image quality.
Printed satin labels
are indeed another low cost option and are appropriate for upscale apparel,
underwear, swim wear, and babies clothing   It is now possible to have almost any
shading, color, or fine detail printed onto a museum quality ultra high end clothing
label without the high cost.

Another new technology allows for very soft clothing tags to be made of \
. or imitation leather tags Like the cotton tag, this type of label allows for a
myriad of colors and designs, although of slightly less detail than the printed
cotton. The edges are extremely soft and the quality is very upscale.
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