Canvas Hang Tags

Design it limitless. Your imagination is your only limit.

Introducing a first ever in the textile industry fabric hang tags with a museum quality look and feel.

Unlike other hang tag manufacturers, we can print any amount colors with unlimited shadows and gradients plus Neon and Metallic Colors.

Our hang tags introduce a new twist for garment branding the keepsake hang tag. Because these hang tags resemble miniature oil paintings, your customers will keep them as miniature souvenirs. Our one-of-a-kind canvas hang tags will serve as a constant branding reminder, perhaps inducing loyal customers to keep beautiful hang tag collections. We are the only firm in the world capable of this ultra-high-end textile printing technology.

Canvas Hangtags can be single face print or both side print upon request.

Recycled Cotton Canvas Hangtags and Organic Cotton Canvas Hangtags options are available.

Our canvas hang tags will make your customers stand up and say "Wow".