Your imagination is your only limit. Made in the USA
48 hour production rush available with Faux Suede and Jacron
A Jacron leather label is slightly thick, ultra durable choice for branding jeans,
jackets, or leather products or as designer hang tags.
It is a composite fabric made of leather remnants.
Say WOW with amazing detail and splashy colors with Jacron.  
No Minimums
Ballpark prices like 50 pieces $85
It is exactly the same material like Levi`s, Wrangler, Guess etc Jeans, back side, belt labels
High definition faux, artificial leather tags. We can print or embossing it with rich details.
Colored print possible too, but hot embossing only dark brown, black colors, because we are
using heat press for creating the texts and logos.
Those imitation leather labels/wash resistance.
There are no minimum,
These labels used as for clothing tags or as designer imitation leather hang tags.
Made in the USA
Woven labels Source
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Urgent Rush Production and Delivery Service Available for Jackron
Imitiation Leather tags
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Hot Embossing or Printed
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No limit on your imagine !
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